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This book will
save you time,
money & nerves

I started investing in cryptocurrency five years ago. Understanding the value and potential of this new asset class was difficult, and investing was very risky.
It still is.
I wish I’d had a book like this to help me on my journey. But it didn’t exist.
Until today.

* Special 2020 pack with few surprises inside... :-)

300 Pages - 200 Illustrations
All designed by an award winning agency

THE CRYPTO MBA has been designed as a master program to upgrade you to the level of a conscientious investor. Chapter structure is based on a subtle balance between left brain and right brain, texts/figures and pictures/schemas, all exclusive.

For editing and proofreading the written content we have to thank Dan and Philip from Space Station Apes, a London copywriting agency specialised in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Thanks for the incredible work on the design go to Marine, co-founder of the multi-award winning design agency Epok design.


Inside the book

Purpose of this book
Getting started as a cryptocurrency investor
  • Entering the crypto-world
  • Buying your first cryptocurrency
  • Trading cryptocurrency
  • Storing your cryptocurrency
  • Spending your cryptocurrency
  • Keeping informed
Four crypto-myths debunked
  • Cryptocurrency is only used by criminals
  • Cryptocurrency is anonymous
  • Speculation aside, there is no use for cryptocurrency
  • I can get dollars and use them, I can’t use Bitcoin. It will never replace money.
The challenge to centralization
  • A paradigm shift
  • Distributed Ledger Technology: a decentralized challenge
  • From Bitcoin-blockchain to thousands of cryptocurrencies & DApps
Blockchain, consensus, Bitcoin and forks
  • How is blockchain different to other DLTs?
  • How blockchain works
  • Main consensus protocols
  • What are some possible attacks on a blockchain/DLT?
  • Blockchain-free DLT/Consensus
  • What makes a great consensus mechanism?
  • Consequences of poor consensus
  • Consensus as key point defining the value of a cryptocurrency
  • KPMG consensus evaluation framework
  • Zero-knowledge proof: the perfect consensus?
  • Why Bitcoin is a game changer
  • What makes Bitcoin valuable?
  • Does China control Bitcoin?
  • Will Bitcoin mining end life on earth?
  • Hard fork free coins claims from an investor perspective
  • Main Bitcoin hard forks
  • The future of Bitcoin: the ‘crypto-trilemma’
  • Bitcoin resilience is strong thanks to a devoted community
  • Lightning Network / Sidechain, Drivechain / TumbleBit & ZEROLINK / M.D.A.S / PSBT / Schnorr
A brief history of crypto
  • 1980: DigiCash
  • 1997: HashCash
  • 1998: B-Money & BitGold, Smart Contract concept
  • 2000: E-Gold and Pre-Bitcoin Virtual Currencies
  • 2008: The mysterious Mr. Nakamoto
  • 2009: Bitcoin begins
  • 2010: First BTC hack - First buy with BTC
  • 2011: Parity with USD - First BTC competitors
  • 2012: First crypto-exchange
  • 2013: The first hard fork and Ethereum white paper
  • 2014: Scams and theft; gaming adopts Bitcoin
  • 2015: Crypto-world expansion - Ethereum ICO
  • 2016: Bitcoin on the rise; Ethereum DAO fund hacked
  • 2017: Bitcoin bonanza - First hard fork and ICOs boom
  • 2018: Bear market - ETF postpone - State-backed cryptocurrency
Ethereum: Smart contracts and decentralized Apps
  • Ethereum: a programmable blockchain
  • Blockchain as a computation ledger
  • How is Ethereum different to Bitcoin?
  • Smart contracts
  • The Bitcoin blockchain can handle smart contracts too…
  • The smart contract process
  • Ethereum: a DApps factory
  • Full nodes / Light nodes
  • Ethereum blockchain structure: a look at the State Patricia Merkle trie
  • What is the Difficulty Bomb?
  • The road to proof of stake, and beyond
  • Focus on Ethereum token standards
Cryptocurrency, Altcoin, Token: a crypto-taxonomy
  • More than 2,000 crypto-assets created to date
  • Cryptocurrency classifications (DLT structure based)
  • Token: a non-native-ledger coin
  • Crypto-tokenization = Token value + Token computing
  • Attempts at crypto-taxonomy
  • From ICO to STO: fundraising through cryptocurrency
  • STO: Fundraising through crypto-securities
  • The Howey Test: how to validate if a crypto-asset is a security (in USA)
  • The Legal framework for STOs in America
Stablecoins: mixing censorship resistance and price stability
  • Stablecoins: the holy grail?
  • Huge potential, but needs to mature
  • Crypto-backed stablecoins
  • Algorithm-backed stablecoins
  • Remittances: the perfect case study for stablecoins
2018: more than a bear market
  • 2018- early 2019: back to reality
  • 2018 An investor’s crypto-timeline
2019 onwards: institutional investors and the path to mass adoption
  • The question is not ‘if’ anymore, but ‘when’…
  • Key points required for mass adoption
  • Stabilized crypto-regulation & tax framework
  • Crypto regulation around the world
  • Revised coins valuation framework
  • Better energy and time efficient consensus protocols
  • Reliable validation of security tokens
  • Growth of decentralized exchanges (DEXs)
  • Institutional investor-compliant trading exchanges
  • Crypto-assets custodian services/insurance
  • The first crypto ETF
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)
  • CBDC case study: The Marshall Islands’ Sovereign-SOV
  • The coming retirement crisis
Why invest in crypto now?
  • Whatever the scenario, we're at the dawn of a bull run
  • Assumption 1: bull runs and correction phases will always be part of bitcoin’s history
  • Bitcoin cycles from inception till today
  • Assumption 2: proof that cryptocurrency will soon enter an institutional speculation phase
  • Assumption 3: hype, bubbles and technology adoption cycles match the crypto-path and predict a coming price rise phase
  • Stage of a bubble
  • Hype cycle and technology adoption lifecycle superimposed
Asset correlation: should I just buy Bitcoin?
  • What if Bitcoin is not the crypto-leader of tomorrow?
  • Modern portfolio theory: the ‘efficient frontier’
  • Two cryptocurrency correlations to consider
  • Portfolio diversification tested during various market trends
  • Selection of successful top 30 ICO returns visualized by year of ICO
Crypto-asset valuation
  • Value-price correlation is not obvious
  • From "fat" application layer to "fat" protocol... To a value equilibrium
  • Conclusion about crypto-asset valuation models: seek value
Investment thesis, portfolio setup and management
  • A crypto-investor’s typical journey
  • # Define your investment thesis (vision and strategy) 

  • # fix your goals
  • Market watch
  • Wide crypto-asset selection
  • First step analysis for narrower selection; second step deeper analysis & valuation

  • Portfolio setup/update: adjusting aggregates, rebalancing, storing tokens off-line
  • Buy/sell order execution
  • What is rebalancing?
Security issues: The 6-rule discipline
  • How do crypto-transactions work?
  • Address, public and private keys
  • The transaction validation process
  • Wallets
  • Setup recommendation: the six-rule discipline
Taxes and anonymity: location, location, location
  • For US citizens, crypto-to-crypto-trades are taxable
  • Bitcoin is pseudonymous, not anonymous
  • This is it.
  • References
  • Thanks


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Investors and funds managers

THE CRYPTO MBA gives investors and fund managers the complete lowdown on this new asset class, and helps them integrate crypto into their portfolio.

Business students

THE CRYPTO MBA is the comprehensive reference book for any student committing to a course on blockchain, cryptocurrency or simply contemplating the idea.

Everyone else

THE CRYPTO MBA will give you a crash course on blockchain and cryptocurrency, crypto-asset valuation models and the golden rules of portfolio management used by professional investors.


  • “ A definitive course that not only give you all the tools you need to become an accomplished investor, but the insight to truly understand the value of blockchain and cryptocurrency. ”
* Special 2020 pack with few surprises inside... :-)

About the Author

Frédéric Bonelli

Born in France, Frédéric Bonelli is an author, Forbes contributor, CEO of and the fund manager of Spincrypto Capital. He has had a wide and varied career, including over 10 years’ experience producing reports and studies as the head of research for various VC funds, as well as supporting raises for LPs and overseeing M&A deals. With a strong background in startup support, he has also raised over $55M, and has sold personal ventures including Stuff Magazine to Le Group Hommel and Spindigital SAS to Altavia Group. Frédéric has spent a decade on technical analysis for stock trading, and the last 5 years perfecting his strategies for investing in cryptocurrency.


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